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joshfullbody Hypnosis Denver, Quit smoking and Lose Weight with Denver Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Denver COClick to Listen to a Personal Message from Denver Hypnosis Clinic director Joshua Singer, C.Ht.

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You’ve definitely come to the right place to help. If you’re searching for a hypnotist in Denver, or weight loss hypnosis in Denver, we know you’re frustrated with something.

Maybe you make a yearly New Year’s resolution, “This year, I’m finally going to deal with these cigarettes.” Or “I’m finally going to do something about those extra pounds.” And time after time, nothing changes!

Isn’t it awful? And no amount of diet pills, nicotine gum, patches, fad diets or willpower will help. It’s like they say: “The problem IS in your head.”

The good news is that, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can possibly help you. You’re probably asking how…

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

3 easy steps to getting help:

1. Understand how hypnosis really works:

Learn what hypnosis is and isn’t by discovering how our Denver Hypnosis approach works.

2. Listen to one of many testimonials:

Listen to one of our many former clients from our New York and Denver Hypnosis Centers in his own words:

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Matt Hampton – Hoboken, New Jersey*

Learn more about our hypnosis in Denver system.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

3. Ask us any questions you might have about how it works.

Receive a FREE consultation here. We’re happy to answer any and all your questions.

Welcome to HypnosisDenverClinic.com, the home of the Denver Hypnosis Clinic and home of the professional providers of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder metro area.

If you need to lose weight or need to deal with your smoking habit, we can assist you with cutting edge hypnosis.

However, most hypnotherapists simply are NOT qualified. Many are inexperienced using techniques from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, resulting in a waste of your money.

Other “snake-oil salesmen” will try and sell CD programs online, not telling the customer that CD’s really never take care of the problem.

Our Denver hypnosis centers ONLY do 1-on-1 sessions. (If you want to bring a friend or spouse, that can be done, too.)


Receive a free, no-obligation phone consultation to ask any questions you might have, or to get more information.

Unsure if you’re able to be hypnotized? Click the “How Does Hypnosis Work?” button on the left to learn how easily you probably CAN experience hypnosis.

You can read about all of the other myths about hypnosis there as well.

Hypnosis is excellent for people who have a problem with smoking or extra weight – without the struggle of willpower.

At our hypnosis centers in Denver, we use an unique, 1-on-1 approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Many (but not all) of all our clients have been able to get help with their smoking habit. In addition, we give you tools to assist you from turning to food instead.

Have you tried everything to help you with your weight problem?”

Often times, our clients have come to us having tried everything else. From every fad diet under the sun, to crazy useless exercise machines, to expensive pre-bought food programs, you’ve probably have tried and failed many times.

I’m sure you’ve fallen into the trap of “The diet starts on Monday” (or after vacation, or after such and such, etc.) countless times, correct?

But when you use hypnotherapy to assist you in your weight loss goals here in Denver, often people will notice that they actually have an easier time losing some of their excess weight!* (*Disclaimer for our advertiser’s policies: Individual results may vary, and there is no promise of results implied.)

As always, we’re more than happy to answer any questions at our Hypnosis Denver centers, personally.

So whether you’re looking for free information on how hypnotherapy to assist people who smoke works in Denver, or if you’d like to learn more about hypnotherapy for weight loss works – we can help.

Please feel confident and realize that at some point we have dealt with almost every kind of food addict, habitual dieter, or hard-core smoker.

We have probably worked with someone like you as well – no matter how much weight you need to lose or how you currently smoke a day.

As the founder and director of the Denver Hypnosis Center, I’d like to personally thank you for visting our Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy clinic in Denver web site.

We invite you to take your time exploring the vast amount of FREE hypnosis information on this site.

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joshsig Hypnosis Denver, Quit smoking and Lose Weight with Denver Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Denver CO

Joshua L. Singer, C.H.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Director and Founder, Peak Hypnosis Centers – Denver, Cleveland, and New York

If you have any further questions about smoking hypnosis or our services, please feel confident that we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Contact us with any questions you might have or for your FREE, no-obligation phone consultation at:

(720) 432-2212


*Important Disclaimer: While hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to accomplish change, it is not a “magic wand.” It DOES take some conscious commitment and effort on the client’s part. While we have an excellent track record and 12+ years of amazing results for our clients, every person’s results may vary. Hypnosis is a partnership, and your results will depend in part on YOUR level of participation and effort. We can’t “make you” do anything. But if you are ready to make powerful changes in your life, this is a powerful tool to help you in your journey. Contact us today to learn more.